Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with composer Amy May on Don’t Look at the Finger – a major new moving-image work by artist Hetain Patel. It’s always a luxury when you get to see the film you’re recording to, but when it looks this beautiful it’s also an absolute joy!

Amy is currently playing viola in the West End production of Hamilton, and we first met a few years ago on the Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical Stephen Ward. Since then we’ve enjoyed working on several projects together, and developed a great working relationship.

On this project Amy was working to an incredibly tight deadline, so although she’s based relatively close to me, after an initial meeting we worked entirely remotely. This meant that whilst I was recording all of the drums and percussion for the fight scenes in the film, she could be working on all the other elements of the score, giving me feedback when needed via Skype or FaceTime, without wasting time travelling and having to sit through the huge number of tracking takes I did to give the feel of a huge percussion section.

Take a look below for an insight into how Amy approached the score, and for a peek at some of the film.

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